Pick 3

Pick 3 is an Idaho-only game that offers great chances to win, night and day, everyday!

how to play
To play, just pick your favorite three-digit number. Or, ask for a "Quick Pick" and let the Lottery terminal pick it for you! To fill in your own numbers on a playslip, just select one number from each of the three columns by placing a heavy vertical mark through the number box. You must mark one number in each column unless you are wagering front/back pair.
Note:The time of day you purchase your ticket determines which draw your ticket is good for.
Choose your wager type and the amount you want to wager.
Here are the wager types you can choose from:
  1. Exact Order: Numbers drawn match your numbers in exact order.
  2. Any Order 3-way: Numbers drawn match your numbers in any order (2 like numbers).
  3. Any Order 6-way: Numbers drawn match your numbers in any order (3 unique numbers).
  4. Exact/Any Order 3-way: All 3 numbers in exact/any order (2 Like numbers).
  5. Exact/Any Order 6-way: All 3 numbers in exact/any order (3 unique numbers).
  6. Front Pair: First 2 numbers in exact order (pick 2 numbers only).
  7. Back Pair: Second and third numbers in exact order (pick 2 numbers only).
Please do not use red ink and do not erase. If you make a mistake, mark the VOID box for that play.
Pick 3 drawings are held at night and during the day, everyday. The NIGHT draw is held at 7:59 p.m. MT. The DAY draw is held at 1:59 p.m. MT.
To play your Pick 3 numbers for more than one draw, just mark the appropriate box in the Multi-draw section of the playslip. For example, you can play Pick 3 night and day for a full week by marking the number 14 box (14 Box).
Make sure to sign your ticket prior to presenting for payment.

Sum it up! is another chance to win. For an extra $1 per dollar wagered,

if the sum of your Pick 3 numbers is the same as the sum of the three single-digit numbers drawn, you win. For example, if you play the Sum it up! feature and your Pick 3 numbers are 1-2-3, the sum of your numbers is 6. If the sum of the three numbers drawn also equals 6 (whether they match your numbers or not), then you win! You do not have to win the Pick 3 game to win the Sum it up! feature.
Sum it up! cannot be used with a Front or Back Pair wager type.

The ticket, not the playslip, shall be the only valid proof of the selections made and the only valid instrument for claiming a prize. Before you hand your playslip to the clerk make sure your desired numbers and payment options are correct. Draw game tickets cannot be canceled after they are processed. Responsibility for the numbers selected rests with the player, not the retailer or the Idaho Lottery.
Must be at least 18 to buy, sell or redeem lottery tickets.
By purchasing a ticket, you agree to be bound by all rules and regulations of the Idaho Lottery. By purchasing a ticket and submitting a prize claim, each potential winner grants the Idaho Lottery the right to use the winner’s name, city, county, state of residence, prize amount, and photograph or likeness to publicize his or her winnings and promote games of goodwill for the Idaho Lottery, without further consideration.
Complete Pick 3 game rules may be obtained from the Idaho Lottery upon request. info@idaholottery.com
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Must be at least 18 to buy, sell or redeem Lottery tickets. Benefiting Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund. PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY.

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