Scratch Games Play Styles
match 3 & tic-tac-toe

These Scratch Games are super easy and fun to play. If you are playing a "Match Three" style Scratch Game, it's as easy as it sounds.

Just scratch the play area on the scratch ticket. If you match three of the same prize amounts in the same game, you win that prize. If you get a “Tic-Tac-Toe” style Scratch Game™, remember it’s just like the good old Tic-Tac-Toe game you played when you were younger. Sometimes the Scratch Game will feature the traditional “X”s and “O”s and sometimes they will have other symbols like money bags and more. Just match-up three specified identifiable marks in a row, column, or diagonal and you win the prize shown in the prize box.

These Scratch Games can also have exciting features such as instant wins, doublers, triplers and wild symbols.


Hey wordsmiths! If you love crossword puzzles, then you’ll love playing Cashword, the Scratch Games.

Cashword is a Scratch Game that’s played like a crossword puzzle. What you’re going to do is simple – match your letters to those in the crossword.

Scratch off the “YOUR 18 LETTERS” box to reveal your letters. For each one of your 18 letters, scratch off each corresponding letter in the CASHWORD puzzle and the bonus word area below. As you scratch off the letters, you will start to complete whole words. Here’s where it gets exciting. If you uncover 3 or more complete words in a game, you win the prize shown in the matching game legend. Don’t forget to look for extra features like doublers, triplers or bonus words. Complete words are at least 3 letters long and must appear in an unbroken string. A word cannot be formed diagonally, from right to left, or from bottom to top. And yes, a word can only read from left to right or top to bottom.

bingo & coordinate

Do you like Bingo? I know I do. And I especially love Bingo Scratch Games. Once you learn how to play I’m sure you will too. First, you need to understand that Bingo Scratch Games have a play style that takes a little more time to scratch than your average Scratch Game. But this is what makes it so fun.

To play Bingo, just scratch off the Caller’s numbers. Then scratch the coordinating call numbers in the player’s cards. If you uncover a complete row, diagonal or column in any one player’s card, you win the prize shown in the legend for that card. In Big Bingo, you only need to uncover a complete row to win the prize shown. Many Bingo Scratch Games have extra features such as doublers, triplers or bonus call numbers.

There are other Scratch Games similar to Bingo known as Coordinate Scratch Games. On these games, you scratch your numbers or letters, and then scratch the corresponding coordinates in the play area. The game instructions will let you know what you need to uncover to win.

key symbol match

With key number or symbol matches. This kind of play style can be found on a variety of Scratch Games of all price points. Key number or symbol matches are easy. First, uncover the “key” number or symbol. If any of your numbers match the key number or symbol, you win the prize for that number or symbol.

These Scratch Games can also have exciting features such as instant wins, doublers, triplers and wild symbols.


Slingo® Scratch Games™ are a cross between slots and bingo. You heard right. These games take a little more time to scratch than your average Scratch Game and that makes for more fun.

To get started, just scratch each horizontal spin line to reveal your Slingo® numbers. Scratch the corresponding numbers in the Slingo® Grid. Match all five numbers in a complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line in the Slingo® Grid, and win the corresponding prize amount shown in the legend.

You can win additional cash for every “Gold Coin” revealed in the spins. Depending on the Slingo® game, there might be special features or symbols that give you additional chances to win.

yours beats theirs

Do you like high-stakes poker or the fast action of blackjack? What about good ol’ fashioned high card wins or just getting more fish than your buddy? Well if you do, then you’ll love “yours-beats-theirs” or poker-style scratch games.

Some of the most exciting scratch games offered are the “yours-beats-theirs” scratch games. Often these games have some of the biggest instant prizes.

All of the “yours-beats-theirs” scratch games have basic similarities. Whatever the game, your set of number, or numbers, or your hand of cards must beat the other set of numbers. For example, if “Your number” is EIGHT and “Their number” is THREE, you win. When yours beats theirs, you win the prize shown!

If you like to take the challenge up a notch, then you might play a Poker-based “Yours-Beats-Theirs” game. Here, your Poker hand has to beat the dealer’s or other players hand to win the prize. The back of Poker games have a key for ranking of hands.