Tuesday, April 16, 2013


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Three Big Winners within One Hour on Tax Day!

$50,000 and $100,000 from Boise, $250,000 from Twin Falls


BOISE, Idaho – Debt free on tax day. John Miles of Twin Falls proudly made that statement yesterday after claiming the last top prize of $250,000 on the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch GameTM Silver & Gold. Miles bought his ticket between stops at grocery stores last Saturday from the luckiest store in Twin Falls, the Oasis Stop ´N Go on Addison Road.


“Thirty-two is my new lucky number,” said Miles who uncovered the number 32 on his scratch ticket, then matched it in the play area and won one-quarter million dollars. “This couldn’t come at better time for me and my family. We’ll be paying off the note on my house and the credit card and be debt free!”


This is the third $250,000 winning scratch ticket in the past two years sold at the Oasis Stop ´N Go located at 2220 Addison in Twin Falls. For their part in selling the ticket, Oasis will receive a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $20,000.


Joining Miles in the winners lobby at the Idaho Lottery was $100,000 winner Rocky Hansen, who purchased his winning ticket from the Jacksons at 897 Cole Road about 3:00 a.m. on Saturday after coming home from work.


“I stopped in to get a few things for the next morning and the clerk asked me if I needed anything else. I said ‘Yes, how about $100,000?’ but bought the $10 Word O’ Rama ticket instead,” laughed Hansen when he claimed his prize. “Turns out, I got what I wanted!”


Hansen claimed the last top prize on the Idaho Lottery’s Scratch Game Super Star Word O’ Rama. Hansen plans to buy a new vehicle and invest the remainder of his winnings. For their part in selling the ticket, Jacksons will receive a bonus from the Idaho Lottery of $10,000.


Shortly before Hansen claimed his prize, Sue McCool and Horst Moll claimed the last top prize of $50,000 on the Scratch GameTM Bubble Gum Big Bingo. Their ticket was purchased at Albertsons on Federal Way on Sunday evening. The pair of friends are avid travelers and plan to visit Europe to visit family with their winnings. For their part in selling the winning ticket, Albertsons will receive a bonus of $5,000 from the Idaho Lottery.


All three big winners on Tax Day found themselves in the Idaho Lottery Winner’s Lobby within an hour of each other to claim their prizes.


“It was one of the more memorable tax days in Idaho Lottery history,” said Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson. “We’ve had big days with multiple winners before, but we can’t recall this many large winners in such a short time frame and all on tax day.”


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