Wednesday, June 12, 2013


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Money Train Wins Pocatello Woman $100,000!


BOISE, Idaho – Not many people intentionally carry $100,000 around in their purse. Not many people are Sandra Chacon of Pocatello. She bought a $10 Money Train Idaho Lottery ScratchTM Ticket from the Jacksons Store on 5th Avenue in Pocatello and carried it in her purse for a day before scratching it while grocery shopping at Fred Meyer on Yellowstone.


“I was shopping and scratching the ticket at the same time, and at first it was hard to tell what I had won,” described Chacon on how she discovered she had the winner. “I thought I’d only won $100, but then there were too many zeroes for that!”


Not believing she held a $100,000 winner in her hand, Chacon went to the Fred Meyer Customer Service desk and had the clerk check her ticket. The clerk confirmed she had a big winner and needed to take the ticket to Boise. The instant she got the ticket back, she signed it and stuffed it in her purse.


As Chacon told the Lottery, her purse did not leave her side even when she slept or when she went to the Ft. Hall Casino, where, according to family members, she also won big.


Chacon and her well-traveled ticket arrived in Boise at Lottery offices late on Tuesday afternoon where she claimed her $100,000 prize. This was the last top prize on Money Train, ending the game. Chacon plans to take her family to Hawai’i for a vacation with her winnings.


For their part in selling the winning ticket, Jacksons Food Stores will receive a bonus of $10,000 from the Idaho Lottery.



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