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What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. The technology is also often referred to as News Aggregators or News Readers. It's a service that websites provide that allows users to have links to their favorite content constantly delivered directly to their computers.
What does RSS require?
Using RSS requires a website that supports RSS feeds, such as, and then either a reader application (often a free download) or web page that collects or aggregates selected RSS feeds. Examples of popular RSS reader applications include NewsGator, FeedDemon and AmphetaDesk, and sites that support RSS aggregation include Google, Yahoo and NewsIsFree.
How does RSS work?
Via their RSS reader or RSS-enabled web page, users "subscribe" to their selected RSS feeds by entering the addresses where those feeds are available. For example, to subscribe to Idaho Lottery Winning Numbers RSS feed, you simply find the "subscribe to feed" option within your chosen RSS reader environment, and then enter this address: Once users subscribe, their RSS feeds begin appearing in their RSS reader environments. RSS feeds typically include a headline, summary, and links to the complete content.
What information will I receive?
The Idaho Lottery's Winning Numbers RSS feed will send you the results for all Idaho Lottery Draw games. The Idaho Lottery's News RSS feed will send you information for all Idaho Lottery press releases for winners and Idaho Lottery news. The Idaho Lottery's Where RSS feed will send you information for all Idaho Lottery events around Idaho.
What if I want to unsubscribe?
That’s easy. Just remove the Idaho Lottery Winning Numbers RSS feed from your RSS subscriptions in your reader environment.
Terms and Conditions
The use of Idaho Lottery's RSS subscription service is subject to the terms of use for the website, which governs the use of all Idaho Lottery websites, information services, and content. The Idaho Lottery may change these terms at any time without notice. The Idaho Lottery reserves the right to discontinue providing any and all RSS subscription services at any time.
The Idaho Lottery makes every effort possible to make sure that winning number information posted on its website is accurate and available within 24 hours from when winning numbers are drawn. However, in the event of an error in the winning numbers and prize amount, information in the official records of the Idaho Lottery will stand as the final record.
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