Commission Meeting for 1/24/2013

Time, Date and Place:

The 176th meeting of the Idaho Lottery Commission took place on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM at 1199 Shoreline Lane, Boise, Idaho 83702.


Commissioners Present:

Commissioner, Craig Corbett

Commissioner, Jim Rehder

Commissioner, David Keyes

Commissioner, Mel Fisher

Commissioners Present Via Telephone:

Chairman, Roger Jones

Lottery Staff Present:

Executive Director, Jeffrey Anderson

Chief Operating Officer, Becky Schroeder

Deputy Director of Security, Amber French

Deputy Director of Sales, Mike Helppie

Deputy Director of Marketing, Sherie MoodySt. Clair

Chief Financial Officer, Jay Prickett

Product Manager, Joe King

Public Information Specialist, David Workman

Others Present:

Sara Chase, Drake Cooper

Tim Davis, Deputy Attorney General

Zeke Chemodurow, Intralot

Ryan Belveal, International Gamco

Brad Surkamer, CLM

Jeremy Chou, Givens Pursley

1. Meeting Called to Order

Meeting called to order by Commissioner Jones at 10:05 AM. Since Chairman Jones was unable to make the meeting in person, he asked Commissioner Fisher to preside over the meeting in his place. Commissioner Fisher agreed.

2. Approval of the Minutes

Commissioner Rehder motioned to approve the minutes from the October 18, 2012 meeting. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Keyes. The vote was unanimous for approval.

3. Director Update

Director Anderson updated the Commission on the GeoSweep game. The cost to implement the game was cost prohibitive to us, however the Idaho Lottery along with several other states who had an interest in the game brought it to MUSL to have the Multistate Lottery Association consider using this game feature as a component of the Powerball game. The membership thought the idea had merit and MUSL began their due diligence. This process is taking longer than planned and the implementation date has been moved back to the fall at the earliest.

Director Anderson presented the recommendation for the new scratch ticket printing contract. We are currently under contract with Scientific Games until the middle of February in an exclusive contract. Through an RFP process and an extensive evaluation of the proposals, the committee that reviewed all of the responses has recommended to me, and I concur, that the printer that was found to be the most responsive and competitive to the RFP was GTECH Printing. We are asking for the Commission to vote in the affirmative in the intent to award a contract to GTECH Printing as our primary vendor for a period of two years commencing on February 15, 2013 with an option for three two year extension options. As part of this approval, would also like to ask the Commission for the authority to consider Pollard Banknote as a secondary vendor, contingent upon negotiations with them.

Commissioner Corbett moved to approve awarding the scratch ticket printing contract to GTECH Printing for two years with options for three twoyear extension periods. In addition, the motion is to approve authority to consider Pollard Banknote as a secondary vendor contingent upon negotiations. Commissioner Rehder seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous for approval.

4. Quarterly and Current Sales Report

The sales report is entered into the minutes as an attachment.

5. Security Division Update

Amber French informed the Commission that the Warehouse lease has been postponed as we are still in the process of evaluating whether or not it is cost effective for us to move from our current location. The move process will be quite extensive and will require a lot of work. But, hopefully by the next meeting we’ll have a definitive update for the Commission regarding the status of the lease.

Regarding the MUSL audit we don’t have all of the results, but overall things went well. We will update the Commission further when we have more definitive information.

6. Sales Division Update

Mike Helppie informed the Commission that Joan Bernt has been named the Sales Rep of the Quarter. She had a total increase in her region of 31% or $1.7 million.

We are just beginning the project of hanging just over 66 jackpot signs in Liquor Stores across the state. We are also installing our first Kmart store and over the next month we will have 8 more locations up and running. We are also expecting the paperwork from Denny’s restaurant chain to include Lottery in all of their locations in Idaho.

7. Marketing Division Update

Sherie MoodySt. Clair went over the updated marketing calendar, highlighting Weekly Grand as an upcoming focus. The Idaho Lottery is participating in the Idaho at 150 event. Idaho is turning 150 years old on March 4, 2013. The Lottery has served on the planning committee and to go along with the event, we have launched a Scratch ticket to commemorate the event, called the “Great Idaho Cashword”.

8. Legislative Overview

Jeremy Chou presented an overview to the Commission regarding the state of the current Legislature.

9. Set Future Commission Meeting Date

Commissioner Rehder moved to hold the next Commission meeting on March 21, 2013. Commissioner Corbett seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous and the date has been set for March 21, 2013.

10. Adjournment

Commissioner Rehder moved to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Keyes. With the vote unanimous, the meeting was adjourned.


I hereby certify that the foregoing minutes are a true and correct record of the actions and decisions made by the Lottery Commission.

Jeffrey R. Anderson, Executive Director

Lottery Commission Secretary