Commission Meeting for 3/16/2017
Notice is hereby given pursuant to Idaho Code 677442, that the Idaho Lottery Commission will hold a meeting on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 10:00 AM (MT).

This Notice of Public Meeting and Agenda are being provided as required by Idaho Code Section 74204.

Dated this 9th day of March, 2017

Jeffrey Anderson, Executive Director



1. Meeting Called to Order – Chairman, Mel Fisher

2. Approval of the Minutes

• January 19, 2017

3. Director Update

• Legislative Update

• Agency Contracts

• Scratch for Schools

• Winner Claim Policy

4. Security Firewalls Review – Zeke Chemodurow, Intralot

5. Quarterly Current Sales Report – Chief Financial Officer, Jay Prickett

6. Security Division Update – Deputy Director, Amber French

7. Marketing Division Update – Deputy Director, Sherie MoodySt. Clair

8. Sales Division Update – Deputy Director, Larry Polowski

9. Set Future Commission Meeting Date

10. Adjournment