player tips
Purchasing your lottery tickets
Be an educated player - know how to play and know how to ask for what you want.
  • Fill out a Playslip to ensure the accuracy of the Draw game ticket you want to purchase.
  • Verify the accuracy of your Draw ticket before leaving your retailer - it is the player's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the ticket.
  • Players should inspect their Scratch tickets to make sure the latex covering the play area is intact. Players should not accept a ticket if any part of the latex has been removed.
  • Only buy lottery tickets from authorized Idaho Lottery retailers. If you are approached by someone offering a "winning ticket" for cash, refuse the offer and contact Idaho Lottery Security immediately.
  • Retailers should never charge a tax or fee for selling any Lottery products.
  • Buying tickets on the internet: It is currently against United States Federal law to buy or sell lottery products over the internet or through interstate mail services.
Signing your ticket
  • Winning ticket or not, it's always a good idea to fill out and sign the back of your lottery ticket as soon as you purchase it. Lottery tickets are bearer instruments, meaning that whoever signs the back of the ticket is the owner of the ticket.
  • Putting your information on your ticket will help to identify it as yours in the event the ticket is lost or stolen.
Playing your ticket
  • The overall listed odds on Scratch tickets are the total number of prizes divided by the total number of tickets printed. This does not mean there will be a winner one time for every 2 to 4 tickets. Winning tickets are generated randomly and set within packs and strings of the tickets. There may be as many as 12 winning tickets to a string of 100 tickets for some games. But, if you had a jar of 88 white marbles and 12 red marbles, what are the odds of drawing several white marbles before you draw a red one? This same principle applies to Scratch tickets.
Players who play regularly should join the Idaho Lottery VIP Club. It's free and players can accumulate points toward prize redemption for each draw or scratch game ticket purchase. Visit
Checking your lottery tickets
  • Players may check draw game winning numbers by picking up a winning numbers printout from your lottery retailer, by calling the Idaho Lottery winning numbers line at 208-334-4656 or by checking the Idaho Lottery web site.
  • You can watch the Powerball & Mega Millions draw shown on your local TV station!
  • Check-a-Ticket terminals, Multi Play Stations, and Winstations at your retailer are a quick, easy way to see if your draw or Scratch ticket is a winner.
  • Players can also download the Check-A-Ticket App for Android or iOS.
  • VIP Club members can have winning draw numbers sent via text message directly to their cell phone or sent to them via e-mail.
Redeeming winning tickets
  • All prizes up to and including $599 may be claimed at any Idaho Lottery retailer. Retailers can pay prizes by cash, business check or money order. Prizes of $600 or more need to be claimed at Idaho Lottery Headquarters in Boise.
  • Tickets can be validated only once. If you have your ticket validated at one location, it will not authorize payment at a different location.
  • It's a good idea to ask for a validation receipt when redeeming a winning ticket. The receipt will verify the amount of your winnings.
  • If you play a multi-draw ticket and win before the final draw, make sure you obtain an exchange ticket from the cashing retailer, and make sure the ticket you receive is accurate. Do this immediately upon receipt. The ticket should state EXCHANGE at the top and be valid for the remaining draws. You do not have to pay for the exchange ticket.
  • Retailers should not charge a commission or fee for cashing a winning ticket. If this occurs, please contact Lottery Security immediately.
  • When validating your ticket, listen for the “Winner! Winner!” sound the terminal plays when it recognizes the winning ticket.
  • Players have 180 days after the draw, or 180 days after a Scratch game is ended by the Lottery to claim their prizes.
Enjoy playing our games and please remember to play responsibly - it's all about fun!
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