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Bucks for Books

Each fall the Idaho Lottery collaboratively partners with the Idaho Commission for Libraries on a campaign to improve early education literacy. In its first three years, through Bucks for Books, the Idaho Lottery has awarded 70 elementary schools a total of $175,000 for new book acquisitions.

The Application period for 2002 has ended. Check back in August 2023 to apply next year.

How Bucks for Books Started:

In 2019, the Idaho Lottery learned 28 percent of Idaho elementary schools had a library budget of less than $100 per year for book procurement. In reality, it would take nearly $8,000 every year per school to maintain the library collection students need to succeed. With that in mind, the Idaho Lottery worked with the Idaho Commission for Libraries to start Bucks For Books. Literacy has been a focus of Idaho Governor Brad Little since he took office in 2019. Getting all Idaho students reading at grade level by the third grade is imperative as that is the point where students transition from learning-to-read to reading-to-learn. Having a well-stocked library and the ability for all students to take books home is crucial in getting all Idaho students where they need to be.

How Idaho Public Schools get awards:

We award Bucks for Books awards once a year! Watch for a link here in August to apply to get $1,000 - $3,000 cash awards for your library.  

Here are the 39 schools across Idaho who received a Bucks for Books award in 2021. Some we were able to capture video of the presentation (highlighted in blue). Check them out below:

North Idaho:
Kootenai Elementary, Kootenai = $3,000
Betty Kiefer Elementary, Rathdrum = $3,000
Juliaetta Elementary, Juliaetta = $3,000
Upriver Elementary, Fernwood = $3,000
Palouse Area:
Centennial Elementary, Lewiston = $3,000
Potlatch Elementary, Potlatch = $3,000
Camelot Elementary, Lewiston = $1,000
McSorley Elementary, Lewiston = $3,000
East Idaho:
Roberts Elementary, Roberts = $3,000
Burton Elementary, Rexburg = $3,000
Hibbard Elementary, Rexburg = $3,000
Kershaw Intermediate, Sugar City = $3,000
Henry's Fork Elementary, St. Anthony = $3,000
Driggs Elementary, Driggs = $3,000
Tetonia Elementary, Tetonia = $3,000
Taylor's Crossing Public Charter, Idaho Falls = $3,000
Southwest Idaho:
Sacajawea Elementary, Caldwell = $2,000
Whittier Elementary, Boise = $3,000
Middleton Heights Elementary, Middleton = $3,000
Idaho Arts Charter School, Nampa = $3,000
Desert Springs Vallivue, Nampa = $3,000
Koelsch Elementary, Boise = $1,000
Fruitland Elementary, Fruitland = $3,000
Victory Charter School, Nampa = $1,000
Amity Elementary, Boise = $3,000
White Pine Elementary, Boise = $3,000
South Central Idaho:
Lincoln Elementary, Twin Falls = $3,000
Oregon Trail Elementary, Twin Falls = $3,000
Glenns Ferry Elementary, Glenns Ferry = $3,000
Jefferson Elementary, Jerome = $3,000
Hansen Elementary, Hansen = $3,000
Acequia Elementary, Acequia = $3,000
Hagerman Elementary, Hagerman = $1,000
Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind, Gooding = $3,000
Rock Creek Elementary, Twin Falls = $3,000
Southeast Idaho:
Riverside Elementary, Blackfoot = $2,000
Mountain View Elementary, McCammon = $3,000
Wapello Elementary, Blackfoot = $3,000
Arbon Valley Elementary, Arbon Valley = $1,000